There are so many ways that Los Gatos residents can take part in making their community more sustainable. It is up to all of us to...
Want to conserve water but not sure where to start? Use the Home Water Works Calculator and discover where to begin your home water conversation efforts! Find useful tips and resources for saving water and money without sacrificing comfort or convenience. 

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Home Water Works Calculator!
"Saving water as a response to drought can vanish with the rains. But saving water because we value it can lead to a lifestyle of conservation" -Santa Clara Valley Water District

The Town of Los Gatos has teamed up with the Santa Clara Valley Water District to offer a Water Savings Distribution Center at the Town's Parks & Public Works Corporation Yard! Residents can now get their water conservation gear locally!

How Can You Save Water?

  • Take shorter showers - Save 2.5 gallons/minute
  • Turn off water when shaving or brushing teeth - Save 2 gallons/minute
  • Water landscaping before 5:00am - Save 20 gallons/day
  • Don't let water run when rinsing dishes - Save 2.5 gallons/minute
Spare the Air Days 
Before using any wood burning stoves, fireplaces, etc. this winter, be sure to visit Spare the Air to ensure that we are not observing a Spare the Air Day. You can also sign up to get automatic alerts and get more information on our air quality online.
New Resources for Safe Pest Control
Keep your home and family safe while keeping unwanted pests out. Find a store near you for quick and easy shopping for less toxic pest control here. Get more info now online or check out this info sheet from the West Valley Clean Water Program. Learn more about how to control pests using Integrative Pest Management (IPM) by clicking here.


Green Gardener Program

Is your gardener a Green Gardener? Santa Clara Valley Green Gardener Program trains gardeners to:

    • Use resources wisely, conserve water, protect the soil, and reduce waste
    • Improve the health, appearance and value of landscapes
    • Reduce urban runoff and stormwater pollution from landscape maintenance activities

Green Gardener

To find the right person to create or maintain your garden or landscape, ask if they….

  • Water according to the needs of the season, the plant, and site soil conditions
  • Prune selectively and properly to compliment the natural form and needs of the plant
  • Use alternative approaches such as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, before turning to pesticides and herbicides
  • Help protect air quality by using hand-powered equipment or fuel-efficient, low-emission equipment
  • Check soil for fertility, texture, and moisture
  • Use compost and mulch to feed the soils naturally
  • Install water efficient irrigation systems and regularly maintain them
  • Compost plant debris and grass-cycle
  • Use local plant varieties that are California natives or adapted to our Mediterranean climate and not invasive species
Interested in becoming a Green Gardener? Click here to learn more about the Green Gardener Program, check for upcoming classes, or find a Green Gardener near you!

Event Guide

Learn how to make your next event or party a green event here.

Truck & SUV Recycling!

Wheels For Wishes Offers FREE Car, do you have an old car, truck or suv that doesn't run? Wheels for Wishes will come to your home, tow it away at no cost to you! Proceeds go directly to the Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation. Check their donation program, Cars To Cure Breast Cancer, which accepts donated vehicles and either recycles or auctions them off and uses the earned proceeds to benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

How do I report someone pouring substances into the storm drain? Who do I report illegal dumping to? 
Storm drain violations and illegal dumping are to be reported to one of the following agencies:
  • Town of Los Gatos Parks and Public Works Department: (408) 399-5770
  • West Valley Clean Water Program: (408) 354-5385
  • 911 (during non-business hours)
Rain in Storm Drain